The Living Matrix – Dr. Jim Oschman Ph.D.

Dr. Jim Oschman is a revolutionary author (“Energy Medicine, The Scientific Basis” and “Energy Medicine in Therapeutics and Human Performance”) and a profound, engaging and humorous speaker. Dr. Oschman will spend a day intriguing us with the new frontiers of art and science of connective tissue and the living matrix. Our emerging understandings of the energetics of the living matrix are providing a detailed picture of a high-speed electronic communication and information processing system in the body. This system may underlay classical concepts of the subconscious and intuition and that can help us explore the boundary between conscious and subconscious phenomena. The hypothesis is that the connective tissue matrix and its extensions reaching into every cell and nucleus in the body is a whole-person physical system that senses and absorbs the physical and emotional impact in any traumatic experience. The matrix is also the physical material that is influenced by virtually all hands-on, energetic and movement therapies. For more information on his energy research, view his website at