Environmental Toxins Associated with Breast Cancer and the Unborn Fetus

Ronald Lynch M.D., MS will be participating in this years National Medical Association Annual Convention & Scientific Assemblyhttp://www.nmanet.org/index.php/ConvJspargo/convention_overview  at Walter E. Washington Convention Center, Washington, DC – July 23 – 27, 2011. This years theme is ‘Environmental Medicine’.

Location: Rosalyn Payne Epps, MD Symposium Party II

Communities in Crisis:  Environmental Health:  What You Don’t Know

 Topic:  Environmental Toxins Associated with Breast Cancer and the Unborn Fetus

Speaker:  Ronald Lynch, MD, MS

                            Medical Director

                           Integrative Medicine of Lake Mary, Inc.

                          Lake Mary, Florida


Introductory excerpt from Dr. Lynch’s presentation: 

‘Seems like as we entered this new 21st Century and continue to pump millions of dollars into medical research more progress in healing chronic disease should have been made. Modern medicine still disappoints us although some strides have occurred”.

  • Are scientist asking the right questions about health or sickness ?
  • Why are they so slow to accept new findings or new paradigms ?
  • Many of us here and other pioneering researchers are embracing a holistic ?

An Integrative view of health that combines the best of ancient and modern approaches to achieve wellness.  Lets try to examine this most coipelling topic”

Ronald Lynch M.D., M.S. –  Monday July 25th – NMA ‘Environmental Medicine Presentation 2011 .

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