Alphay Showcase and Business Opportunity – Executive Dinner

From the desk of Ronald Lynch MD MS

As you know I have been involved with Integrative Medicine for the last fifteen to twenty years searching for the perfect mixture of Eastern and Western approaches to health and wellness. I grow increasingly disappointed with conventional choices of pharmaceutical treatments. The approach is short sighted and of limited holistic dimension. I believe that ancient medicinal plants, medicinal mushrooms, natural fibers, and safe magnetic fields will go far to improve our longevity. I have found such a company with: Alphay – Health Food, Tea, Bedding and Maqui (PDF) & Alphay Miss Ying Signature Bedding Collection (PDF) 

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You’re invited to an Alphay Products Showcase and Business Opportunity

Executive Dinner

Executive Dining at Café Bistro Nordstrom

(Seating limited based on availibility)

Florida Mall on Tuesday November 17th 2011.

8001 South Orange Blossom Trail

Orlando, FL 32809


6:30 pm – 8:30 pm

RSVP:dr.ronaldlynch@naturalfamilymed.comby 11/15/2011

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3. Medical Mushroom Studies and Information

4. Watch Video on foot being stimulated via magnetic application

  • Vision
  • Healthy benefits and
  • Prospects for income and retirement

I will represent Alphay, the Chinese health and wellness company that has led the field for the past 50 years, since 1959.  Renowned throughout the Asian markets, they are coming to North America.

As a member of the Core team I will help launch the North American market and build the world leader in relationship marketing.

Alphay offers a product line that is focused on the 5 elements of health … and these energy-based, nutritional, and environmental technologies impact our state of balance and well-being.

Alphay ChairmanHui Chen is well known as one of the few Chinese entrepreneurs who have been able to bring the best of  ’scientific knowledge’ together with a successful business model that is not only profitable but also able to anticipate global trends that are decades ahead of their time.  His book, The Five Elements of Success, is based on the wisdom of ancient healing techniques based on the elements:

  1. Earth,
  2. Water,
  3. Wood,
  4. Fire and
  5. Metal

Alphay Chairman – Hui Chen

“From my own perspective, I have fought all my life for the single goal that was set for me. And that is, by following the standards I have set for myself, to be a reputable person who can make a difference in this society.”                                                Alphay Chairman – Hui Chen  

The Five Elements of Success, also symbolizes all the layers that combine to form a personal philosophy, a business ethic and an impeccable command of the universe.  And what is his belief system, and why are we involved?  Success is marked by;

  • Tradition
  • Honor
  • Excellence
  • Vision and
  • Humanity

This is the kind of company with which I want to be involved.

  1. Have you ever wanted to be in on the ground floor of a life-changing opportunity with a financially sound company?
  2. Have you wondered where you will be in the next 5 years and what you will be doing?
  3. Have you been between successes for much too long?

Integrative Medicine is looking for self-motivated, self-starting, and committed individuals who are looking for a new business opportunity and who are already familiar and comfortable with the Network Marketing business model.

Integrative Medicine is seeking gen-yers, baby boomers, and others who are ready to change their lives and impact the lives of others in the process.

Integrative Medicine is seeking those committed to self-growth and personal development, who seek a credential that is evidence of their commitment to, and understanding of, wellness and the 5 elements.



Alphay – Health Food, Tea, Bedding and Maqui (PDF)

Alphay Miss Ying Signature Bedding Collection (PDF)


If you are that person, I would be delighted for you to join us, initially,  for an informational meeting to learn more.

Call 407.936.1700 and ask for information on Alphay or e-mail me Ronald Lynch MD MS @

To your good health and continued wellness.